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Antaa is the ultimate application for creating and sharing wishlists with your family and friends. On Antaa we take the in real life experience of sharing gifts between family and friends and give you an application which takes it to the next level.

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Create and share your Antaa Wishlist today


Price Drop Alerts

Our next-generation AI will keep an eye on your wishes and send you an alert when the price drops! Works on every website, every store.

Explore ideas.

Get inspirations from Antaa's trending wishes. Gift shopping has never been easier. 


Connect with friends.

Share your wish list with friends on Antaa, see what's on your friends' list and get reminders for birthdays.

Reserve, give, celebrate.

Reserve any item from your friend's wishlist and we'll let people know. No more confusion on who's buying what. It's that easy.



WHAT People say

Still not sure? See what our users say about Antaa.

I love this app!!


January 8, 2021

I love this app!! Great way to track all my friends & family wishlist. I highly recommend it

Great app for sharing wishlists!


November 20, 2020

Great app for sharing wishlists! Everything is really smooth and new features are added all the time. Now I just need to convince people to buy me stuff.... Haha.



November 17, 2020

This app is awesome! Super easy to use and always improving. It’s just a few clicks away from ‘spying on’ your families and friends and finding out what they would like to receive as a gift. They would do the same for you as well ;) Share the joy together!

Great app!


October 22, 2020

So easy to organize birthday and holiday wish lists and gift giving. No more guessing what people want. Just check out their wish list. Reserve the item you want to buy so no one else buys it. Stops duplicate gift buying and time wasting returns!



December 27, 2020

This app made Christmas gift shopping a breeze! I knew I was getting exactly what they wanted. In turn I received exactly what I wanted. Love it!

Great help in selecting gifts...


November 20, 2020

Great help in selecting gifts for friends, especially when all your friends are on Antaa and creat their wishlists there! No matter how well or not so well you know a friend, a right gift will always be a good way to a quality relationship.

I love this app!


October 26, 2020

This app is super user friendly and is great for friends and family to use so that no one gets mixed up about who is giving what gift! It has a countdown to people’s birthdays and holidays and a search bar to look up the presents you wish to receive! Antaa is a great app and I’d recommend it for everyone!

Great app to share wishes with friends


October 12, 2020

This solves the problem where I need a keyboard so they won’t buy me bag pack instead.

This app will save me so much time!


November 24, 2020

This app will save me so much time! It was always a nightmare helping all the aunts, uncles and grandparents buy gifts for my kids, letting them know what the kids wanted, and who was buying what. This app will do it all for me!

I love making lists...


November 18, 2020

I love making lists and Antaa seems to do a pretty good job. Works really well if you want to share your wish list with your friends. Your items can have direct links, or images from your camera. If you're like me and research everything you buy, this app exceeds expectations. No more mistakes on th...

I really like the Antaa app!


October 25, 2020

I really like the Antaa app! It is easy to use and fun.



October 8, 2020

Perfect app to share with families and friends! Very convenient when you want to add a wish from other platforms even.

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