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Brand Ambassadors

Congrats! You landed the deal and are an official brand ambassador! Now you need to market yourself using as many channels as possible to get the word out. Antaa can help you publish your very own curated list of product recommendations across all social media platforms.

Your Own Custom Channel for Sharing With Your Audience Across Social Media Platforms

Yes, with Antaa you can have your own custom channel for sharing curated product recommendations directly to your audience across all social media platforms, we work with them all. Curate your list of products from partners and affiliates and you can make these directly discoverable and accessible to your followers from a single link. 

Share Your Product Recommendations With Everyone - No Barriers

When you share your curated product recommendations with your followers, they don't need to be registered users of Antaa. You can share your recommendations with anyone, all from a single link.

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