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We are


Join us in Creating the Best Gift Giving Experience in the World

Our Mission

Creating happiness around the world through the power of awesome gifts.

That's what we are doing, would you like to join us? We are passionate (understatement!) about helping people to have an amazing gift giving and sharing experience online and we are looking to expand our team!


Are you open to a grand adventure?


Do you have a voice and want to be heard?


Do you want to influence millions of people around the world?


Digital Content Creator

Are you a creative writer, gifted at telling a story and bringing readers on a journey of discovery through your unique voice, personality and style? Are you savvy with social media channels and toolkits, capable of creating or taking an idea and building a narrative which resonates and engages readers. Do you like to get in on the ground floor and build something amazing? If so... hmmm have we got an opportunity for you! 

Get in touch and let's have a virtual coffee together. Tell us your story and we will tell you ours. 

Social Media Marketing & Growth Wizard

Are you gifted in designing unique, exciting marketing strategies and campaigns? Are you obsessed with growth, digital marketing techniques and connecting people to amazing experiences? Do you like to get in on the ground floor and build something amazing? If yes, then wow... Please get in touch!

Antaa is an equal opportunity employer. Our team live in Waterloo, Ontario, but it doesn't matter to us if you are located on a beach in Tanzania, a coffee house in Belgium, your apartment in Singapore or your ranch in Colorado. If it works for you, then it works for us! Reach out and let's get connected. ​ And don't forget to download the app, share with your friends and tell us what you think!

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