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10 Best Ways to Celebrate a Birthday During Covid in 2021, for Adults and Kids

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is how to adapt and find new ways of doing things we used to take for granted, like having birthday parties. Like all challenges, this can be hard but what if the pandemic has opened up new ways for us to celebrate? Is this possible? Let's find out!

Neighbors helped decorate the porch in their Culver City neighborhood to help Jack Henry Iverson celebrate his birthday under quarantine. (Courtesy of Sheila Iverson)


Hire an online performer

Lot's of traditional performers have found ways to bring their show through a video call. No small feat! Previously you were limited by performers in your area, but now you can go online and the options are unlimited. Your kids may even get a few lessons along the way!

Photo credit: Brent and Sarah

Here are some people that we've heard amazing things about, check them out! Brent and Sarah, Luke Coburn, Alan Hudson, Harrison Kramer and Ryan Edwards.

Stay At Home Scavenger Hunts

Create and share a list of items for family and friends to hunt for. Make them traditional or obscure, but most of all make them fun! Kids will love it and be racing back to collect their points. You can buy these, print them at home or create your own.

Looking for a fun one to try out? Here's a home treasure hunt with 10 clues that's our editor's favorite. If you don't mind paying a little bit to have the cards made for you, there are also treasure hunt printable you can buy online.

Cookie/Cupcake Decorating

While we are all at home, our Netflix viewing has skyrocketed! Time to put everything you have learned from those cooking shows into action. Have a cookie or cupcake decoration party with everyone online through a video call, you only have one mess to worry about and can deliver everything in advance.

Need inspiration? Check out our favorite picks for kids and adults.

Front Yard Decorations & Present Drop Offs

Time to start blowing up those balloons, creating giant posters and signs and let the world know it is your kids birthday, or at least your family, friends and neighbors. Email everyone in advance, inviting them to drop by (safely from a distance) and celebrate, toot the horn of their car, hang out the windows and sing Happy Birthday. Your kid will never forget it!

If you don't want to make your own, some stores allow you to buy or rent them: Birthday Sign Sensations (Canada), Party City, Walmart or just Amazon.

High Tea Party Packs

Is there a special birthday coming up for someone overseas? Try a synchronized tea party! Small businesses have adapted to ship out High Tea Party Packs (think petite sandwiches, pastries and tiny delicious cakes). Book one for your loved one, have it scheduled to arrive on a cert date and time and book one for yourself. Whether you are in the same city or separated overseas. This is an amazing way to help someone feel special and celebrate together. Also, why limit yourself to just birthday celebrations? This pandemic is tough, take the time to just celebrate together!

Check out some of our favorites here: Sugar Bird Sweets, Rose & Blanc Tea Room, Sattea, The Social Blend

Home Spa Day

Whether time feels super fast or super slow at the moment, everyone loves a little down time, hot towels, green tea, cucumbers and relaxing spa music. Schedule this with friends and do it together through a video call. Lot's of spa's are offering home packs which can be delivered in advance, they don't need to break the bank and opening them together is a fantastic way to share the experience and make the moment feel special.

I Miss Live Concerts

There is nothing like the thrill of being in the audience of a live show. When the pandemic first hit, live performances were cancelled everywhere. But like everyone else, talented performers, theaters and promoters found ways to adapt and live performances returned - but online. Now you don't have to pay exorbitant prices for venue parking or snacks and beer, you are in the comfort of your own home! No battling traffic before and after the event. And you are no longer limited to performances close to you, going online means you can find events anywhere in the world. Sure, it's not quite the same as being in the middle of a sweaty heaving pack of fans on the floor, but this is a pretty good alternative and can often be surprisingly intimate!

To find what's available next, check out JamBase, LiveNation, Songkick and TicketMaster.

Get a Celebrity to Sing Happy Birthday

Have you heard of Cameo? It is packed with celebrities, music stars, athletes, actors, politicians and everyone in between. Maybe your wife or hubby was a super fan of a particular actor or band from the 70's, 80's or 90's etc. Have a look to see if they are on Cameo ands get them to create a personal video message to your loved one! They will be blown away! It's not as expensive as you would think and it's definitely memorable!

Virtual Escape Room

This is another arena which has transformed itself to offer fun for groups online over the past year. Whether you are an Escape Room wizard or newbie, there are so many options available online for adults and kids. It is amazing to see how much of the in real life experience translates and still works through a video call. And now that they are online, the options are endless. Living in Dallas, but always wanted to check out an amazing Harry Potter Escape Room in London UK, now you can!

Here's our editor's favorite Moriarty's Game, Agent Venture, The Fourth Samurai and Escape Room Melbourne.

Wine, Beer or Whiskey Tasting

Obviously not for the little kids, just the grown up kids! If you miss getting together with your family and friends over a bottle, don't let the pandemic stop you. Whether it is beer, wine or whiskey there are always small packs available at your local store. Try something new, deliver it in advance and schedule the video call. You won't be disappointed and may even be surprised how much fun this is!


Don't let staying at home put a damper on the opportunity to celebrate. In these times, we need to celebrate together even more! And remember, keep taking those photos and making memories. Whether it is with twenty cheering faces in a grid view video call or opening a parcel on a porch in the freezing rain, these are your memories and the pandemic will pass.

Make the best of it as much as you can and in the meantime... Happy Birthday!

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