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Best Camping Gifts for Everyone 2021

You don't have to be Bear Grylls to have an adventure outside. We have you covered from backyard campfires, picnics at the beach, hiking an unfamiliar trail or hitting up the back country for a few nights under the stars. Read on for our tips on the latest and greatest camping gift ideas!

We are going to start with drinks because well... hey, who doesn't love a jolt of caffeine, refreshing water, chilled wine or a cold beer as you laze around the campfire.

Water Bottles

They come in all shapes and sizes (and price ranges). For most people, something affordable, lightweight and durable may be as far as your requirements go. From our perspective we like bottles which keep it simple and avoid complex moving parts or gimmicks. A water bottle only has one purpose and that is to keep you hydrated. The best bottles do this regardless of weather and temperature, can take a beating and manage to stay stylish. Stainless steel trumps all materials and remember size matters (think about how you will lug it around).

If you are looking for a budget water bottle, you can't got wrong with Hydro Cell (under $20). If you want to up your game, our two favourites are the Brumate 250oz Rehydration Bottle and a 1L Yeti Rambler.

Wine Insulators

It's hard to believe these are now a thing! Boy are we grateful! You no longer have to worry about tepid Sauvignon Blanc at the beach (life is hard enough), get your hands on one of these little beauties. They are super portable, super tough, stylish for indoor and outdoor use and can take a full bottle. Do we really need to go on?

Brumate is our top choice when it comes to wine insulators also. Yes it looks awesome but it also maintains temperature control for 24hrs. Whether it is an afternoon picnic or chillaxing under the stars, no more excuses. Our recommendation: The Brumate Winsulator 25oz Wine Canteen.

Coffee Makers

Ok, so we are not going to do a write up on how to get the best cup of coffee outdoors. We are just going to assume that you love coffee as much as we do and you care about the quality of your brew. Let's face it, it's hard to beat the smell and taste of steaming fresh coffee as you welcome in a new day watching the sun come up. Remember, you can have an amazing dripper, brew buddy, coffee maker or french press, but none of these can help low quality beans and water. Give the process some love end to end, it will be worth it!

Our absolute favourite (trying to avoid any religious battles here!) coffee maker for outdoors is the Stanley Classic 48oz French Press. This thing is tough, large enough for everyone to get a few rounds in and doesn't break the bank. Of course, if you already love your Moka Pot at home, bring it with you! Super small, compact and lightweight these make natural travel companions! And last but not least, everyone loves a Vintage Camping Enamelware Percolator Coffeepot. Full of rustic charm to please everyone.

Sit Back and Relax (Chairs!)

Camping chairs remain a mystery to us! We take them to outdoor events, use them in the garden, take them to the beach or camping, we basically take them everywhere. But they can be expensive! Yes there are budget options which work perfectly fine, but be prepared for some hefty price ranges. Incidentally, this is one reason why they make ideal camping gifts!

At the budget friendly end of the spectrum Coleman Portable Camping Chairs (from $35) are very popular. These are sturdy, lightweight and come in a variety of options; deck chairs, bucket chairs, sling chairs, flat fold, mesh quad, double quad and more.

Maybe a reclining chair is more your thing. We like Phi Villa Reclining Chairs as they won't break the bank and they get the job done. A little more pricey than your regular chairs, but hey... after a days hiking through the trails your feet will thank you!

Our top pick goes to Core Camping Chairs. They check all the boxes for comfort (padded), options and price.


Maybe you are thinking you are not a hammock kinda person. We have discovered everyone loves hammocks because they are always playful, fun and comfortable! A hammock in the back garden, or slung between two trees on the beach or at a campsite is one of the best ways to break out your inner child and relax.

Madera are a super popular brand of hammocks. They are stylish, tough, are under $50 and the company plants two trees for every hammock sold. Oh and their two-for-one hammock deals are pretty impressive! Check them out.

A little more pricey, but 100% eco friendly are the Nakie Hammocks (worlds first fully recycled hammock). They also look amazing and have a huge selection of options. Check them out here.

When you think of a hammock, do you think of something large, triangular in shape and big enough for three people to climb into? Don't worry, neither did we. Options for hammocks are evolving and this 3 person hammock from Tentsile looks absolutely fantastic. We are pretty sure this would make an amazing gift for everyone you know. Check then out here.

Camping Mattress

After coffee, being able to sleep comfortably at night is probably the second most important item on anybody's checklist when staying outdoors. When looking for a good mattress, you want something which is light, compact, easy to transport, has enough padding to keep the rocks and brambles from stabbing you during the night and it needs to be tough and durable. A good camping mattress makes an ideal gift, it is literally comfort in a bag!

Our top pick goes DeltaMattress (from DeltaHiking). These mattresses are literally the best we have seen (they even come in cozy double size!) and they check of all our boxes. Whats more, they are not just for sleeping, you can take them anywhere (it compacts down to the size of a bottle of soda) and they have a built in pillow... seriously. Huge props to the team at Delta Hiking... top marks!

Check out the Delta Mattress here.


You should expect to get a lot of mileage out of a good backpack. Yes they are pricey, but they are definitely an investment and will be a steady travel companion for you on all of your adventures. Choose wisely young Jedi. Cost, weight, comfort and size/volume are the main factors to consider, with durability and weather proofing close behind. So let's take a look at some our top recommendations.

Cost. Not everyone backpacks in the Himalayas so you don't have to go too crazy when looking for a backpack which checks off most boxes and doesn't break the bank. Our top pick goes to the Gregory Targhee 45. It is affordable, rugged but lightweight, multi-functional and designed for hauling stuff on short trips.

Weight. Have you ever bought a packpack and thought this is totally going to work, then you load it up with your gear and can barely lift it off the ground? (Yes, this is us). Weight is super important, a general rule of thumb when it comes to weight in a backpack is you want something lighter than an envelope (just kidding, but you get the point...). Go light. Our top pick goes to Hyperlite Daybreak Daypack. The name is a bit of a tongue twister, but the secret is also in the name. They are hyperlite and these people know their stuff! They also specialize in tons of other backpack designs if you are looking for something beyond a daypack. Oh, in case you are wodnering how light these are? Try 1.3lbs!

Size/Volume. Finding the right size can be tough. You want something large enough to haul your gear but not too large that you end up packing a small microwave oven in there also. Most backpacks will average 55-65L and you can always go smaller or larger. If in doubt, plan to pack light but give yourself a little room so we prefer this mid-range size. Our top pick for size and volume (range of options) also goes to Hyperlite. They have a fantastic range of sizes and options which will get you from the beach all the way to basecamp. Check them out.

Camping Stove

Camping stoves are another staple for camping and ideal gifts. You don't have to break the bank to get a stove which will last you years and if you want to go up in the range, the options are endless. Aside from BTU's (measurement of heat produced), make sure you think about how you will transport your stove and how many people you will be using it for. If you keep these two things in mind, you will find lots of options available.

Our top pick for general use and affordability is the Classic Coleman Dual Burner (20,000 BTUs). These things are built to endure and are classic for a reason. They are the best entry level stove you can get.

If you want to kick it up a gear, we love the Jetboil Genesis 2 Burner Stove (10,000 BTUs). Folded it resembles an emergency life raft and is super compact. Open it up and you have two burners taking up minimal space and cranking out some BTUs.

Solar Charger and Power Banks

Worried about how you will keep your phone charged? It's all about priorities! Forget about bears and wildlife, how do you keep your cell phone charged! We got you, we got you... For short trips (1-2 days) we recommend a portable battery charger, if you are going to be off the grid for anything longer then you may want to look into a solar charger. Don't worry, you won't need to carry a giant set of panels around with you, we have some great options for getting you juiced back up and online in no time.

Portable Battery Pack: Our recommendation is to go with battery capacity and charge time. When you are out in the country, you want something which is reliable, can get the job done and is fast. Our top pick is the Aukey 20000mAH Power Bank. This is small, compact, under $50, packed with capacity and comes with USB-C, Lightning, and Micro-USB ports.

Mobile Solar Charger: You don't need to find and carry a huge power-generator to stay off the grid. There are lots of options for fast and powerful solar charging when you are in the outback. Remember, keep clear of trees and all you need is sunshine. Our top pick is the pocket sized RISE Infinity 2 Solar Charger ($50).

S'Mores! (Best S'more Camping Recipes!)

Speaking of priorities! Whether you are hitting the beach, your back garden, the trail or trekking to basecamp the most essential item of them all... a s'more kit for campers and hikers! Whether you make your own or buy off the shelf, the varieties and options are endless. Creating your own custom s'more gift packs is also super fun and a fantastic gift for loved ones.

To get your s'more game going, we are going to provide some of our favourite recipe ideas for creating these tasty little beauties while outdoors.

The Classic: Let's start with the classic s'more stack (graham crackers, marshmallow and chocolate). If you need instructions for this, we won't judge ... but check out this awesome recipe from Dels Cooking Twist.

Cast-Iron Skillet S'Mores: Probably our family favourite, it is messy and totally awesome. Just throw everything into a cast iron skillet and let all of the flavours melt and fuze together over an open fire. The sticky goo which emerges will probably taste better than anything you have ever had in your life... ever! Check out this fantastic recipe for campfire cast iron s'more making at it's finest from

Get Adventurous: It is the great outdoors after all!. Check out these amazing recipes from Madeline Friend at We can't decide which is our favourite (Huckleberry s'mores, Reese's s'mores, Caramel Delight s'mores, Candy Crusted s'mores, Nutella s'mores or PB & Oreo s'mores), so our camping bucket list is to try them all!

Trailer / RV Gift Ideas

We recently bought a trailer and have been discovering a whole new world of camping on wheels! It's fun and homely and still feels like camping, who knew! While there are tons of gift ideas for any discerning adventurer, here are just a few of our favourites (we have a strong feeling this list will grow).

Personalized Family Signs: Perfect for your homely campsite. Check out Farmvibe's collection (our top pick) who have a huge collection of designs available. So much fun! Check them out!

Personalized Doormats: You may not think it, but camping is messy! You don't want to be dragging all of that dirt into your trailer. These personalized doormats are super fun and an amazing way to put some of your family personality into your campsite. Our top pick is Happy Campers doormat from Personal Creations. You can't go wrong with one of these!

Ultimate Camping Gift Idea

Maybe your camping gear supplies are well stocked, or the person you are looking to buy for "has everything"... well we have a bonus section with a special call out to the folks over at VSSL Gear. Probably the coolest camping gear on the planet, if you are out of camping gift ideas you have to check these out.

They offer compact adventure kits with a twist... think multi-purpose tools only bigger (and better and way more stylish). They even allow you to custom build your own kits. Talk about the perfect gift!

They offer coffee grinders, camp supplies, first aid kits, flasks and more. Our top pick (this is very hard as there are just too many) is the VSSL Camp Supplies Suunto Edition Compact Adventure Kit. It is a 4-mode flashlight (200 lumens), contains a precision compass, 72 camp essentials, is fully water proof and impact resistant, weights just over 1lb (yes!). And did we mention that you can customize the contents to make the ultimate camping gift!

First Aid Kit

No best of ... camping gear gift list would be complete without a first aid kit. There are countless options available and again generally the best kits are those which can be packed and transported easily and cover all of the essential supplies to cover the most common misadventures.

Our top pick goes to Surviveware Small First Aid Kit. It comes in at under $40, is durable, compact and light and packed with supplies. What's inside? 6" shears, Antiseptic wipes, Butterfly Closures, Bandages (vast array of shapes and sizes) Cotton Gauze Swabs, Eye Pads, Breathing Mask, Gloves, Tape and more... much more... whichever kit you choose, make sure you bring one.


We hope you are feeling inspired and have some amazing gift ideas for the campers in your life! From s'mores in the back garden, to family picnics, camping trips and trekking through new trails there is something out there for everyone. If you have your own suggestions for us, please let us know, we would love to hear about your favourites! Happy camping!

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