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Finding the best price for a gift just got a whole lot easier.

Wouldn't it be great if you were able to track the price of a gift without having to do any work? What if you could be notified when the price changes, no matter where you are direct from your phone? No need for browser extensions or plugins. What if you could track price changes for all the stores you shop at, not just Amazon?

That's kinda what we thought too! So that's exactly what we have made available. Antaa now supports price tracking on your gift and wish list items. Download Antaa from the app store and get started.

Trying to find the best time to buy a gift can be time consuming. We're not sure many people have the time to be constantly searching for the best price and what about the busy holiday season when you have multiple gifts for family and friends?

Antaa allows you to add a gift to your wish list and in one click, enable price tracking on that item. When the price changes you will get notified, directly in your app on your phone. What's more, you can enable price tracking for gift ideas from thousands of stores, not just Amazon.

We are very excited to make this available for everyone. Take it for a spin and let us know how it works for you!

Download Antaa from the app store and get started.

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