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How one startup is working to solve the problem of gift giving in a mobile centric world.

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Antaa believes it can fundamentally transform the universal gift giving and receiving experience for mobile users.

In case you think this is a small market, mobile commerce is roughly a $21.3 trillion dollar market. Ok, so those are (really) big numbers, what does it really mean?

Before Covid-19 m-Commerce was already on an upward growth trajectory attracting the avid attention of investors. As the world navigates the challenges of Covid, the global pandemic is driving even more accelerated growth for mobile and e-Commerce at an unprecedented rate.

So more and more people around the world are looking for ways to go online and find new ways to continue regular activities with friends and family, in safety and with total convenience.

Enter Antaa, a new mobile application from Antaa Technologies, Inc. which helps users search for gift ideas, build wish lists, share with your friends and family and (so much) more.

Antaa is user driven. There are no ads, no paywalls or cumbersome workflows. The in app experience is incredible with subtle and surprising moments of delight. You want to add a gift to a wish? You also get a reminder of upcoming birthday dates. You want to share your list with your friends? They will also see who has reserved your gift. Just like we do in real life. Simple. Smart. User driven. And there is more. So much more.

Antaa supports both Android and iOS. Yup, both platforms. It is immediately available to everyone to use for birthdays, the holiday season and any celebration you share with your family all year round.

Check it out. We are just getting started.

Elvis and Sean,

Co Founders of AntaaTechnologies, Inc.

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