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Schitt's Creek Gift Guide and Ideas - Ew, David

Updated: May 3, 2021

Having spent six seasons/years with the Rose family, we have taken them into our hearts and loved their story, journey, tears, laughter, clothes and of course the quips and quotes! If you are looking for Schitt's Creek gift ideas we have the best roundup of gifts to add to your wishlist right here.

Photo credit: Variety [Andrew Eccles]

We have Schitt's Creek Wall Art, T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Face Masks, Sweaters, Books, Posters, Funko Dolls, Kitchen Gear and more.

Rose Apothecary

Beekman 1802 has brought David and Patrick's products to life. They have an amazing collection of body milk, goat milk soap, whipped body cream, lip balm and votive set.

Schitt's Creek Rosebud Motel

Here are just a few of our absolute favourite Schitt's Creek Rosebud Motel gift ideas. Fancy lounging around in a Johnny Rose bathrobe? Yes please! So much fun, check them out!

Rosebud Motel Bathrobe

Rosebud Motel KeyChain, Room 7

Rosebud Motel Mug "Follow us on the tweeters"

Schitt's Creek Funko Pop Dolls

Johnny, Moira, Alexis and David... all in pint size funko pop form! We can't wait to see the rest of the cast added!

Johnny Rose

Moira Rose

Alexis Rose

David Rose

Schitt's Creek Tee Shirts, Sweaters and Clothing

From tee shirts, sweatshirts, hats and everything in between, we have you covered! Here is some of our favourite Schitt's Creek branded gear for everyone. Click on the photo's to see the products and larger collections.

Schitt's Creek Tee Shirt from Ardene

Schitt's Creek Framed Wall Art

It's hard to capture the awesomeness of the Rosebud Motel decor, but if you are looking to showcase some of your favourite characters, moments or quotes from the show there are hundreds of options out there. Here are just a few, check them out!

Alexis Rose Style & Fashion

Feeling inspired by Alexis's style? From dresses, to hats, jewelry and shoes there are hundreds of options out there. Pinterest is packed with some fantastic boards for dresses and Femestella has one of our favourite sites dedicated to her dresses and where to locate these.

David Rose Style & Fashion

These Kurt Cobain glasses have never looked so cool. The perfect gift for the David in your life.


Our thanks to the Rose family (and of course the creators and cast of the show) for bringing the magic in every single episode. We hope you liked these Schitt's Creek themed gift ideas. If you have any favorites, let us know!

"John, how was I to know you were in peril? You keep everything inside, like a bashful clam.” -Moira Rose

“Best wishes. Warmest regards.” – David Rose and Stevie Budd

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